Buying a Morristown domain is easy

Congratulations on purchasing a  Morristown domain! Transferring a domain is a relatively simple process. To help you with a friendly, easy, and fast transfer, follow these steps: 

Step 1: Create an Account with a Domain Registrar

If you don't already have an account with the same domain registrar as the seller, create one. (we use GoDaddy) Choose a reputable registrar to ensure a smooth transfer process.

Verify your account through the provided email or contact information. 

Step 2: Domain Transfer Initiation

Once the payment clears, the seller will unlock the domain and generate an authorization code (EPP code) from their domain registrar.

The seller will email you with the authorization code 

Once you have the authorization code, initiate the domain transfer process from your account's control panel at the domain registrar.

Step 3: Confirm Transfer Request

Inform the seller that you have initiated the domain transfer process and provide them with the relevant transfer details, such as the domain name and your account username at the domain registrar.

Kindly request that the seller confirm and approve the transfer request promptly.

Step 4: Accept Domain Transfer

Once the seller confirms the transfer request, they will receive an email or notification from their domain registrar.

The seller will need to follow the instructions in the email to accept the domain transfer.

Step 5: Domain Transfer Completion

After the seller accepts the domain transfer, the domain will be moved to your account at the domain registrar.

Double-check that you have full control over the domain and can access all settings.

Step 6: Verify Domain Ownership

Verify domain ownership by checking the WHOIS information for the domain. Ensure that your contact details are correctly listed as the new owner.


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